Sample Ring Sizers

  • Sample Ring Sizers

Sample Ring Sizers

This listing is for customers from the UK that intend to buy a ring from our shop. If you are looking to buy a ring but are unsure of your size, just select size you think you are when purchasing your chosen ring listing. You will receive your selected size and 2 sizes above and below your selected ring size. 

The cost of the this service will be counted towards the purchase of a ring from our shop. When you are ready to make the purchase let us know and we will send you a coupon of equal amount to the deposit paid for these sample ring sizers. At the moment this is only for UK customers as the shipping would be too expensive for locations outside the UK. 

The manufacturing of the ring will only be possible once the ring sizes are sent back with the confirmation of which size fitted best. 

If you have any questions please contact us.

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