Sample Ring Sizers

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Sample Ring Sizers


This service is for anyone that is unsure about their ring size and would like to try on a few different sizes for up to a week in order to know which one they feel the most comfortable wearing. 5 sample ring sizers made to the same profile we make our rings will be shipped to your door.

Select the size you believe fits you best and we will send you that size along with two above and two below with a total of 5 sample ring sizers. 

You can keep those rings for up to 5 days, during that time we recommend wearing the most comfortable size for at least 24 hours to make sure its the perfect fit.

You will receive a £80 coupon by email once we receive the sample rings back, the remaining £20 is to cover the shipping cost. You will be able to use that coupon to buy any of the rings on our website as well as any custom ring you may request. The coupon can be used only one time and it is linked to every client email that has purchased this service. 

If none of the sizes fit you, you will be able to order another set of sample ring sizers at a fee of £10. This will go towards the extra shipping cost and will not be accredited in form of coupon. 

At the moment this is only for UK customers as the shipping would be too expensive for locations outside the UK. 

The manufacturing of the ring will only be possible once the ring sizes are sent back with the confirmation of which size fitted best. 

If you have any questions please contact us.

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