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Titanium | Bevel

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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Engraving
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Guaranteed Fit with our Size Kit

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📏 Size Kit

You will receive three different size replica rings: the size you initially selected, plus one a quarter size larger, and another a quarter size smaller. Try them on at home to discover the best fit for you.

Let us know the right size and we'll begin to craft your custom ring.


✓ Slim Ring Box

✓ Certificate of Authenticity

✓ Size Kit (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, check out this page. We will do our best to integrate your sentimental material in your ring!

If anything ever happens to your ring due to craftsmanship we will either fix it or replace it for free! We also include services like polishing and refinishing your ring.

Absolutely! Each and every ring that contains delicate materials such as the wood, deer antler, and minerals is protected with a resin that waterproof. This ensures you to wear your ring 24/7 with complete peace of mind.

Exchanges can be made on non-personalized products only and must be initiated within 30 days of purchase.

Please note: the customer is responsible for differences in cost.

First, print out this guide and use it to measure your finger.

Next, Grab a Sesto Synergy Replica Ring to try on in the comfort of your own home. Replica Rings are the most accurate way to confirm (and feel confident about) your new ring. Not only do these rings help you hone in on the correct size, they also let you experience the different thicknesses, widths, and profiles we offer as well! 

Psst! Need a size smaller than 4 or larger than 14.75? We can make you one - just contact us!

We offer free a refinishing service for all of our rings. Simply send your ring back to us anytime you would like, and we will bring it right back to new with a polish and shine. Simply contact us to get started!

Please note: deep scratches cannot be removed but we do offer repair service if needed. Shipping costs are not included in this free service.

Yes, please contact us to make sure we have the material available for your size.

◎ Core
⟷ Width
⋒ Profile
≣ Finish
▃ Thickness
⊙ Fit